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Semex Delivers In April 2009 Jersey Proofs

Jersey breeders all over the US have demanded a high JPI Legion son with type, components and health traits and Semex delivered in the April 2009 proof round with new release 0200JE00944 Maackdary Region.  Coming in at +2.6 PTAT, +2.3 RUH and +1.5 RUW he is a bull Jersey breeders will consider in their mating programs.  Region shows balance with a +1.7 Strength and +1.6 Dairy Form.  Behind Legion is an EX-91% Lemvig followed by a Bluemarker that goes back to Bettydon Lester Ritzy.  Legion’s daughters are long-bodied, flat boned cows with depth of rib.  They are hard over the top line and very correct in the rear ends. The udder is well in attached in every facet, making him an ideal mating on Jace daughters, as well as the Duncan Belle and Maid bloodlines. 0200JE00943 Wilsonview Shurbondy is a Jace son out of a Bold Daniel with longevity and milk, breaking into the top 50 on the JPI list on his first proof.  From the heart of the “S” family of Wilsonview, located in Tillamook, Oregon, Shurbondy delivers high milk at over 1200 pounds, a combined fat and protein of just shy of 100 pounds and +1.4 PTAT.  What balance!  Shurbondy is an udder improver with great udder quality, walking on sound feet & legs that track straight.  His daughters are head-turning, trouble-free 2 year olds.  Shurbondy will cross well on Abe, Militia, Impuls, Perimiter and Jevon. Semex delivers a unique Jace son in 0200JE00015 Unique Belles Red Baron.  With so many ... Read More...

Semex's Balanced Breeding Gives Dairymen Options

The April 2009 proof release placed the stamp of approval on reliable second crop Semex sires such as 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye and 0200HO03218 Gillette Brilea FBI, while ushering in sires designed to meet the needs of dairymen everywhere. Entering the Semex lineup are sires designed to positively impact bottom lines such as 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight, sires that meet the needs of Red & White clients, and newly proven sires for those looking for the best proven sons of Semex greats Talent and Titanic.

Buckeye daughters are known for their calving ease, high production, ideal feet & legs and exceptional rear udders, making him one of the most popular BW Marshall sons available today.  The April proof round echoed these same comments dairymen have been making since his release in 2005, and has solidified his place as a Second Crop Success.  Buckeye’s credentials put him in elite ranks for those looking to up their profitability, with +1914M, over 2.52 PTAT, +2.48 for both FLC and UDC, and +2.10 PL and a 6% Calving Ease.  Showing the Power of Balanced Breeding™ and the strength of Semex’s proving program in the USA, Buckeye’s proof has only increased since his initial release, gaining over 140 TPI points overall and adding over 2500 daughters since January 2009.   

Similar to Buckeye, FBI ticks all the ...

Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs.

Superior Production
Nine Semex sires have been recognized in April 2009 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%.


GEN-I-BEQ SAHARA (Champion x Durham)

LA PRESENTATION DAMAFRO (Forbidden x Supersire)


MARKWELL AARON-ET (Champion x Convincer)

R-E-W BUCKEYE-ET (BW Marshall x Rudolph)

STANTONS SPONSOR (Finley x Rudolph)

VYECROFT VITTORIO (Champion x Durham)

WILLSONA SILAS (Titanic x Convincer)

Superior Type
Six Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in April 2009. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%.

FREUREHAVEN TALON (Talent x Aeroline)

GLENHAVEN CHANT (Champion x Lee)

LESPERRON ALIBI (Affinity x Inquirer)


SANDY-VALLEY DELMORE-ET (Stormatic x Winchester)


Semex Launches Solutions Designed for Tough Economic Times

Madison, Wisconsin - With the dairy industry facing one of its most challenging periods in decades, Semex is introducing a series of services and solutions designed to help deal with tough economic times. Value pricing, new genetics for all environments and the ai24™ package are aimed at helping producers deal with the current dairy crisis and directly reduce semen and labor costs and increase breeding accuracy. Superior Genetics at Value Pricing Semex has been long recognized as a supplier of genetics based on longevity and profitability. "Starting in January 2009, we lowered prices on our conventional and sexed semen to address the producers' challenges while continuing to offer a superior quality product. We understand the difficulties in today's marketplace and will partner with producers to add value to their herds and secure their future," says Paul Krueger, Semex Director, Sales & Business Development (USA). "We've continued to expand our product lineup to meet the needs of all dairy producers, proving yet again that Semex works everywhere," states Krueger. "At Semex we are excited to launch a group of newly proven sires with exciting first-crop evaluations and intriguing pedigrees." Crockett-Acres Eight is the new Semex health & fitness headliner debuting at 567 NM$, 2.55 Somatic Cell Score, 3.3 Productive Life and 5% Calving Ease. Recently proven red and red carrier sires are already gaining lots of interest. Morsan Frontrunner*RC and Westport Bookman-Red are two of Talent's first sons to receive proofs and Gen-I-Beq Sahara*RC is an new outcross Red Carrier sire from September Storm's family. Also, the addition of two early Titanic sons, Comestar Lauvy and Willsona Silas, bring high ranking evaluations that will meet the goals for a wide range of herds. ai24™ - The 24 hour heat detection system Producers can now partner with Semex for access to its 24-hour heat ... Read More...

Meyer Promoted to USA Beef Specialist

Semex is proud to announce that Lane Meyer has accepted the role of Beef Specialist in the USA.  Lane will be responsible for setting up the beef wholesale sales network, beef sales representative training as well as providing US market intelligence information to the beef program for Semex Alliance.  Lane will also be available to support the current sales force with technical beef knowledge and expertise.  "Lane's strong knowledge of the beef industry, well-respected reputation in the industry and strong people skills make him an excellent asset for Semex's rapidly growing beef program," said Myles Immerkar, Manager, International Beef Marketing. Lane, a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, has bred, raised and shown Champion Maine-Anjou heifers at the American Royal, National Western Stock Show and the Fort Worth Stock Show.  Lane and his family also run a 500 head cow/calf operation consisting of registered Maine-Anjou, Black Angus and commercial cows with an intense AI and Embryo Transfer program.  Lane joined the Semex team in 2004 and has ascended the sales ranks to become the highest company beef sales representative for 2006, 2007 and 2008. ... Read More...

4th Annual Semex Photo Contest Announced

Guelph, Ontario - The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Photo Contest. We're looking for new, exciting photos to use in Semex promotions such as Semex calendars, posters, brochures, website and much more. In 2008 over 250 photographs from Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and New Brunswick, US states of Wisconsin, Kentucky and Ohio, and around the world from Japan, Australia, UK, Colombia, Brazil and Denmark were vying for top honors. This year's categories are as follows: * PEOPLE AND THEIR SEMEX COWS * LANDSCAPES WITH SEMEX COWS Preference will be given to photographs that include cows and will be judged on composition, quality and character of image, suitability and/or creativity in relation to a category theme and overall impression of the photo. Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows: 1st Prize: $500; 2nd Prize: $250; 3rd Prize: $100. All entries must be received by August 1, 2009. Visit to enter and to access to full contest rules, terms and conditions. The Semex Alliance is a partnership of the Canadian artificial insemination cooperatives: Westgen, Centre d'insémination artificielle du Quebec (CIAQ), Eastern Breeders Inc (EBI) and Gencor. Semex Alliance is focused on global leadership in livestock genetics. ... Read More...

Semex & Micro Dairy Logic Team Up To Offer 24-Hour Heat Detection

Semex and Micro Dairy Logic are pleased to announce that they are now teaming up to provide a dairy management solution aimed at increasing dairy producers’ profits.

This new answer to the profitability question is the 24-hour heat detection system, ai24™. ai24™ is widely considered to be the perfect solution for efficient AI, offering a technology that has the capability to transform the way dairymen manage their herd’s fertility. Proven in the USA, UK, Canada and developed in Israel, ai24™ utilizes the Heatime™ activity system, a proven technology that provides consistent, around the clock heat detection for greater accuracy.

“The benefits of this system are multiple,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Director, Sales & Business Development (USA). “We’re now able to offer our clients a system that reduces semen costs by eliminating guesswork, identifies inactive cows, is extremely reliable, and accurate. Working together with Micro Dairy Logic, we’re offering a system designed to maximize profitability by increasing breeding accuracy while reducing labor and semen costs.”

The system is available as a stand-alone device for herds under 600 cows, or as Heatime™ Designed For the PC for herds over 600 cows. Both systems collect activity information on cows to determine normal activity levels. Once this base level is established, the control unit identifies cows that are displaying above or below average activity. The system is available with easy-to-use interfaces in English, Spanish and Dutch, enabling the user to review activity for each cow up to 60 days, or through her last two cycles.

Semex has partnered with Micro Dairy Logic, an innovation driven company dedicated to increasing the profits of dairymen, headquartered in Amarillo, ... Read More...

Semex Home to #1 Conf Ayrshire

The annual genetic base change saw some change in the rankings of some Ayrshire bulls with few newcomers.  0200AY0580 Des Chamois Poker (Pardner x BBBK) reserved his title as the #1 Conf bull at +14. Poker daughters are performing extremely well in third lactation, contributing to his increase of over 100 LPI points to +2041 LPI. Poker has been a popular sire of sons; they will start on the young sire program toward the middle of 2009. Poker is one of two bulls that saw significant increases.

August 2008 new-comer, 0200AY0922 Palmyra Jerry Bendig (Jerry x Reno), also saw an increase. Bendig raised his reliability by adding 21 more daughters for production and 24 daughters for conformation. With added daughter information Bendig was able to climb over 200 LPI points. Most of these gains were from production, as he increased from 44kgs to 54kgs of fat and 33kgs to 36 kgs of protein.  Added conformation information had little change on Bendig’s type, which is +7.

Other very popular Semex Ayrshire bulls like 0200AY00594 Duo Star Normandin, 0200AY00601 Lagace Ristourn, 0200AY00603 Ayr-Phoe Ideostar, 0200AY00597 Kildare Jupiter, Read More...

Semex's New Release Jerseys Top JPI Listing

The speculation surrounding 0200JE00988 BW Blaise, is over as he now ranks as the #1 JPI bull following the January 2009 run!  The Blaise craze began before his official proof, causing nearly 6,000 units to be delivered in 2008 before his official proof. What made this bull so special before his high ranking? The cow family! This Jace son out of the Living Legend BW Avery Katie will improve milk without sacrificing pounds of fat or protein. Blaise daughters are above average for stature, have dairy strength, and improve rear udder height and width. The last feature we would like to point out, but certainly not the least, are Blaise’s health and fertility traits, with Blaise passing on 3.3 PL, 0.3 DPR, and 2.88 SCS.  With the milk price projection over the next few months being low, blend Blaise in a package and team him with bulls like Advice and Seville to increase production and type in your herd. 0200JE09003 Millstream Bellringer is another Jace son that drew a lot of attention in 2008 before his official proof.  Bellringer has a direct maternal line that goes straight to the world-renowned Duncan Belle. Bellringer sires cows with tremendous dairy strength, they have well-attached udders, with a nice blend to the fore udder.  Bellringer appears to be a foot and leg improver demonstrated by their steep heel and correct leg set. If you are looking for fat he is one of Semex’s highest at .20%. ... Read More...

January 2009 Proofs Proves Semex's Strength

The January 2009 genetic evaluations has been highly anticipated for its inaugural release of Genomic Predicted Transmitting Abilities (GPTAs) in the US, and the promise that this data holds for dairymen and geneticists alike. Semex has been at the forefront of genomic research, working closely with several organizations in Canada, the USA and worldwide, including the United States Department of Agriculture since 2003. This collaboration has left Semex in an excellent position to not only utilize the additional data, but to also work with organizations and dairymen everywhere to improve genetics through careful consideration and selection. At the end of 2008, Semex has tested over 3,000 animals for genomics and will continue to test more individuals, further analyzing the data to ensure that our proofs are accurate and valuable breeding tools for dairymen everywhere. Looking into the results from this evaluation, it is very clear that Semex proven sires are the sires dairymen can confidently use knowing that they are highly reliable, profitable sires. Several Semex sires are moving favorably into their second crop, giving dairymen more confidence than ever in the Semex lineup and proving programs. Semex's 11 Top 100 International TPI Sires:  NAAB   TPI Read More...