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Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs.

Nine Semex sires have been recognized in January 2009 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%.

BENNER JENNISSEN (Champion x Aeroline)


HAWKRIDGE COMBAT (Champion x James)


PFAFFS SOCCER-ET (Champion x Patron)


R-E-W BUFFALO-ET (Morty x Convincer)

STANTONS SCANDAL (Finley x Rudolph)

CANM101831007 V
ACHALE ALAMBIC (Goodluck x Rudolph)

Five Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in January 2009. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%.

GINARY TWISTER (Morty x Aeroline)


LAJEANTE KINGLY (Champion x Lee)

LORDALE ...

Semex Appoints Paul Krueger Director, Sales & Business Development (USA)

Semex is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Krueger as Director, Sales and Business Development (USA) effective February 2, 2009.  Krueger will be responsible for national sales management in the USA for Semex.

Krueger has over 15 years of business relationship and sales management experience within the dairy industry.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1993 with a B.S. in Animal Science, Paul started his career with East Central Select Sires.  In 1997, he accepted a position with Semex USA as Regional Manager, responsible for sales initiatives in a 14-state northeastern sales region.   In 2002, Paul moved to Monsanto where he held positions as Area Market Manager and National Account Manager, responsible for account relationships in herds greater than 4,000 cows in Western United States.  Most recently, Paul was employed by Cargill Inc. as a Business Development Manager and then promoted to Strategic Account Manager where he directed Cargill’s business initiatives to targeted dairy accounts and sales initiatives for the top 100 dairy producers across the USA.

Semex’s CEO Paul Larmer states, “We are extremely pleased to welcome Paul back to the Semex family.  Since his departure he has gained invaluable experience in key account management, market segmentation and sales management – all key qualities we were looking for.  His experience with two multinationals in large herd sales management, combined with his knowledge and experience with Semex make him an ideal choice to lead us towards our growth targets.”

Krueger will be based from the Semex office in Madison, Wisconsin.

...

Semex Enhances Embryo Program

The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce that Dann Brady has been promoted to the position of Manager, International Embryo Sales effective January 1, 2009. Since joining the Semex Alliance in 2004 as a Product Support Specialist, Dann has worked extensively within the marketing department, focusing on introducing Semex's mating program, Promate, internationally and marketing Canadian embryos to dairymen worldwide.

The Semex embryo program has developed into a reliable, world-class service under Dann's management, growing embryo sales by nearly 60% in just three years. The program offers genetics to Semex distributors and customers as a complement to semen sales and is a dependable, hassle-free service for Canadian breeders. The sale of embryos through Semex will reach a milestone of $1.5 million in 2008.

"Dann's passion for cattle genetics and his international marketing experience will further stimulate embryo sales, benefiting Canadian breeders while supplying proven genetics to our customers worldwide," Brad Sayles, Director, International Sales & Business Development, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia & New Zealand.

Furthering the development of the Semex Embryo Program, Dann will focus exclusively on embryo sales and will join the Semex Sales Department to further streamline activities and initiatives.

...

International Sensation Braedale Goldwyn Passes Away

January 3, 2000 – November 24, 2008.   Semex regrets to announce that the international breeding sensation 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn has passed away. 

Widely believed to be one of the greatest sires of his time, Goldwyn’s popularity has continually been on the rise, adding numerous accolades to his already impressive resume each and every day.

“Rarely a day goes by that we do not hear from someone about their individual success with their Goldywn daughters,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Alliance Chief Executive Officer.  “It is truly remarkable to hear comments from dairymen worldwide about how Goldwyn has left his mark on their herd.  Never before have we seen a sire with such impressive results in production, index, type and the show ring like we have from Goldwyn.  Being named the first-ever top 10 TPI Premier Sire at World Dairy Expo this fall is certainly a testament to his breeding power and popularity.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to the staff at Eastern Breeders Inc. for their care and assistance in his success.  Although his passing closes one chapter, we are confident that there are many chapters yet to be written in the Goldwyn story.” 

Goldwyn, a Shoremar James son of Braedale Baler Twine VG-86-2YR-CAN 23* followed by the famous Gypsy Grand, arrived on the scene in November 2004 with a moderate proof, ranking #82 LPI.  In February 2005 Goldwyn jumped to #5 LPI, adding 28 daughters and nearly 700 LPI points.  Since then, his performance in Canada and around the world has surpassed all expectations.

“Goldwyn’s career has been fascinating,” says Julien Chabot, Semex Sire Analyst.  “From the first time I went to see his original daughter group in November 2004, I have been a fan.  With each genetic evaluation he has added daughters and maintained or ... Read More...

Hilltop Dairy LLC Wins a Trip To Run With the Bulls In Spain

Semex is pleased to announce that Hilltop Dairy LLC of Markesan, Wisconsin is the winner of Semex's "Win a Trip To Run With the Bulls In Spain" sweepstakes held during the 2008 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Hilltop Dairy LLC is owned by Rich, Cal and Loren Greenfield and is operated with herdsmen, Kevin Greenfield and Julio Lopez. The Greenfields consolidated two smaller operations in 2002 and have been in expansion mode ever since. Just this year they have completed another addition that allows them to reach the 800-cow mark in their milking herd.

"We like to use bulls that sire adequate strength with correct feet & legs, and we end up with cows that last longer. The functional type in our herd has improved a lot and it helps the longevity of keeping cows in the herd and the production comes along with that," says Loren Greenfield. "At the same time, we have awesome people that do a phenomenal job in all phases of the operation and that results in our success."

"In the end, I'm the winner of this trip, but if I could I would take everyone from Hilltop with me," says Loren. "I'm excited to get away, but I am just as excited to see dairies outside of Wisconsin and how they succeed in Spain!"

Hilltop Dairy has had great success with Semex sires such as Morty, Spy, Buckeye, Talent, Mailing, Lheros and Final Cut in the past and they are currently using sires such as Brick, Freelance, Denison and Marconi showing that with results like at Hilltop Dairy, Semex Works Everywhere!

...

Nicholson Hired As Jersey Program Manager

The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce that Harley Nicholson has accepted the Jersey Program Manager position.

Harley will be responsible for all Canadian and USA Jersey sire procurements, in addition to promoting the benefits of Semex's complete line of component breed sires. In addition, Harley will be responsible for Brown Swiss acquisitions.

Harley has an impressive background and is respected nationally and internationally by industry colleagues, the scientific community and grassroots producers. His experience ranges from sire procurement and Director of Genetics Programs at CIAQ to General Manager positions at Eastern Breeders Inc. and Westgen. Most recently, Harley served as the Marketing Manager at Holstein Canada.

Harley is fluent in English and French and will bring an unique combination of practical, technical and communicative skills to the Jersey Program Manager position.

Harley will be based from the Semex Alliance office in Guelph, Ontario, and will begin his duties in the New Year.

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Semex Highlights at the 2008 Royal Winter Fair

The 2008 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada. In its 12th year, the Walk of Fame showcase twelve different Holstein sires. The Walk of Fame for Protein breeds displayed six daughters. Students from around the world helping out at the Semex Walk of Fame.

Semex Works Everywhere was the theme for Semex at the Royal Winter Fair this year. With 630 International Semex customers representing 31 countries from around the world traveling to this years Royal, it was an excellent representation of how Semex Does Work Everywhere. A global leader in bovine genetics, Semex is able to use the Royal Winter Fair as the center stage of showcasing the potential of Semex sires after an extensive week of tours to Canadian farms throughout Quebec and Ontario.

2008 Royal Winter Fair ...

Semex's 2008 Sale of Stars Did Not Disappoint!

The Semex Alliance was proud to once again manage the Sale of Stars at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. In it's 56th year, this internationally famous sale series was held Thursday, November 13 at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the Ring of Excellence.

The Ring of Excellence was overflowing with dairy cattle enthuisiasts as more than 2,000 spectators watched as Semex presented the very finest Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss individuals available.

Holstein Edition of Sale of Stars

Held immediately following the Component Breed Edition of the Sale of Stars, the Holstein Sale did not disappoint the thousands of spectators anxiously awaiting as the reigning World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Thrulane James Rose EX-97, took to the sale runway. As the crowd hushed and camera lights flashed, Rose's choice of daughters by Talent and Dundee sold for an impressive $36,000 to Richard Jordan of Boise, Idaho, USA. Rose set the pace for the evening as the next 25 lots averaged well over $40,000, contributing to the final average of $27,734 and surpassing the 2007 average of $25,667.31.

Highlights of the evening include:

  • Lot 3: KHW Regiment Ariel-Red (VG-89-4YR-CAN Regiment full sister to the Million Dollar Apple) selling for $85,000 to Peter Vail & Adam Liddle of Argyle, NY, USA. Consigned by Phoenix, Hanover Hill Holsteins and Richard Green, Ariel's September 2008 Goldwyn daughter (Lot 4) sold next for $35,000 to Mike & Sheryl Deaver of Edgerton, WI, USA.
  • Lot 15: Blondin Goldwyn Beauty (June ...

Semex Supports Jersey Scholarship Fund With Donation

Reprinted With Permission from the AJCA

To resounding applause from more than 300 Jersey enthusiasts gathered for the Top of the World Sale on September 30 in Madison, Wis., officials of the Semex Alliance, Guelph, Ontario, presented a check for $1,750 in support of the AJCA Scholarship Funds.

David Chamberlain, President of the American Jersey Cattle Association, and Neal Smith, Executive Secretary and CEO, accepted the contribution, the largest donation made to the scholarship endowment during 2008.

Joining Semex Chief Executive Officer Paul Larmer in making the presentation were Gary Bowers, 1st Vice-President of the Semex Alliance Board of Directors; John DeVries, also a member of the Board of Directors; Joan Lau, Vice President of Marketing, Semex Alliance; Brad Sayles, Director of International Sales & Business Development for western Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand; and Aaron Henderson, Semex USA Jersey Specialist.

"We are truly grateful to Semex for this significant contribution," Chamberlain said. "Because of the continuing generosity of Jersey breeders and companies like Semex who believe in the future of the Jersey business, the AJCA has been able to increase both the number and dollar amount of scholarships given to young people who own Registered Jerseys™."

The donation was recognized in return with the presentation of the No. 200 giclée canvas print of "Wide Load Ahead."

200 is the marketing code number assigned to Semex Alliance by the National Association of Animal Breeders, and thus included in the stud codes of Semex icons such as SHF Centurion Sultan, Pine Haven Senior, and Molly Brook Fusion-ET as well as the company's modern high-demand sires including Sunset Canyon RP Militia-ET, Lencrest Blackstone-ET and Bridon Excitation. Over 450 bulls are owned and sampled by Semex annually, with 7.5 million units ... Read More...

Millionaire Sire Comestar Outside Passes Away

Semex regrets to announce that Millionaire Sire 0073HO02479 Comestar Outside EX-95-CAN EXTRA recently passed away.

Outside, known for transmitting the traits that lead to longevity and profitability, debuted at #20 LPI in August 1998 and quickly rose to #5 LPI in November 1998. He was easily branded a milk and fat specialist, siring desirable frames, enviable udders and outstanding feet & legs. The third Millionaire Sire from the Laurie Sheik family, Outside was a Ronnybrook Prelude son from a Blackstar full sister to the now iconic Comestar Leader and Comestar Lee. Nearly 10 years later, Outside is still a desirable and in-demand sire, scoring +10 Conf at 99% Reliability with 110 Herd Life and a 5.1 Productive Life.

"People worldwide tell us their Outside daughters are long-lasting profitable cows," says Semex Alliance Sire Analyst & Product Support Specialist Mike West. "Outside's daughters are every man's kind of cows. He sires the well-balanced cows that are valuable no matter how you measure it."

With popularity that knew no borders, Outside sold semen into well over 47 countries with over 88,000 daughters in his production proof and over 56,000 daughters in his type proof in his recent August 2008 MACE evaluation. In Canada, his 29,750 daughters scored 70% GP or better with a milk equivalent on over 32,000 daughters of 24,028 3.8% 904 3.1% 736 lbs. Known as "Mr Consistency" at his home at CIAQ (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec) by his sire care professionals, Outside continued strong production well after reaching Millionaire Status in 2006.

Outside's legacy will be felt for generations to come as his sons and daughters continue to transmit the same qualities that made him so popular and so famous worldwide.... Great feet & legs, correct rumps and the width of rear udder that allows for easy production, lactation after lactation.

...