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Semex Highlights at World Dairy Expo 2008


Premier Sire Braedale Goldwyn.
noneClose to 3,000 customers passed through the Semex tent to visit the Walk of Fame cows. nonePierre Boulet named Premier Exhibitor with Supreme Champion Thrulane James Rose. none1st and 2nd Place Sr 2-Yr-Olds by Braedale Goldwyn. noneJr. 2-Yr-Old and Futurity Winner Miss Macland Sept Juliet by Pursuit September Storm.

noneReserve Intermediate Champion Brookvilla Jasper Aka (Wilcoxview Jasper) and Intermediate Champion Blondin Lyster Beauty (TCET Lyster). Read More...

Goldwyn Captures Ultimate Award At World Dairy Expo

Semex's Braedale Goldwyn captured the ultimate award for any sire at World Dairy Expo, being named Premier Sire of the International Holstein Show.

Goldwyn, an internationally popular sire of sons, is one of the youngest Premier Sires to ever be named at World Dairy Expo at just 8 years of age. More impressive is that his ranking as the # 7 TPI International Sire and the #2 LPI Sire in the August 2008 genetic evaluations makes him one of the highest ranking Premier Sires ever!

Popular around the world, Goldwyn has been in high demand since his debut in November 2004, garnering unprecedented international accolades as both a sire of sons and outstanding females.

"Goldwyn's popularity worldwide is unprecedented," says Paul Larmer, Semex Alliance Chief Executive Officer. "He was instantly a popular sire. Recently, as his second crop began calving, we began hearing more and more reports from dairymen globally, how great the daughters were, coming from all different environments, propelling him into the Top 10 on the International TPI list. Now, with this win he's proven himself in another arena. This certainly puts Goldwyn into a new class of elite sires, leaving his impact on the entire breed for generations."

With most of his daughters in the 2 Yr Old Classes and younger, Goldwyn and his daughters will continue to dominate for many years, giving Goldwyn many more opportunities at the coveted Premier Sire Banner. ... Read More...

Going To World Dairy Expo? Semex Is!

World Dairy Expo is truly the place where the dairy industry meets, and Semex is excited to once again be a part of the greatest show on earth! We invite all dairymen to visit Semex at World Dairy Expo and enter to win a once in a lifetime, all-expenses paid trip for two to Spain to see how Semex Works in Spain. We invite you to travel through the Spanish countryside and see the Spanish dairy industry while taking in amazing scenery and of course, the opportunity to run with the bulls!

Once again this year Semex is proud to present our Semex Walk of Fame cattle display. This year's display features daughters from popular Semex sires including:

* 0200HO01796 Stantons Sidney
* 0200JE00136 Bridon Excitation
* 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn
* 0200HO09212 Keykow Sundin
* 0200HO01878 Freurehaven Marconi
* 0200HO07317 Magor Allen Bolivia
* 0200HO01861 Jerland Denison
* 0200HO04624 Brigeen Givenchy

These sires represent Semex's diverse line-up of profitable sires, selected to deliver results in your herd whether you milk 50, 500 or 5,000 cows!

Also at World Dairy Expo, Semex is hosting an inside look at our bull barns featuring Semex's most recent Millionaire Sire the EX-97 Comestar Lheros. This presentation will give viewers a rare look inside one of our bull facilities and its daily activities including collection, feeding, cattle care and much more. Join Semex at 12:00 pm on Saturday, October 4 for a virtual tour of one of our facilites in the Mendota 1 Room of the Exhibition Hall at World Dairy Expo.

If you can't be with us at World Dairy Expo, Semex has you covered! Once again this year we are sponsoring online show coverage. We encourage you to watch the show online with class-by-class results posted online at or at ... Read More...

Semex UK Jersey Exchange Report

Submitted by Jenny Butcher

As the winner of the 2008 UK Jersey Exchange, sponsored by Semex and Jersey Canada, I was treated to first class rural hospitality for 21 days as I travelled to Jersey farms throughout beautiful England and Wales.

I was greeted by Charles Reader of Barnowl Jerseys at the airport and it was the home of Charles and Frances Reader that I spent most of the next week. Their 80 cow Jersey herd was rich in history with many of the cows in this herd were descending from Barnowl Fanfare, their EX 97 Royal Show winner. Vindication, Excitation, Senior and Comerica heifers all looked promising here. The Readers had a very well run operation with a great balance between high production and herd health. They are located only ½ hour from Oxford so I was able to catch some tourist activities during my stay.

Next it was off to the Nicola herd of Helen, Hugh and Nicola Evans. This was a newly established herd in the beautiful rolling pastures of South Wales where they were hosting the Jersey Young Members weekend. Teams were formed that included youth, 8 years and older and each team drew their showstring out of a hat. In teams of eight they worked with the "Nicel" cattle to wash, clip and prepare cattle for a show on Sunday afternoon. They also prepared flyers for their showstring. At the summation of the weekend awards were presented for items such as most improved and best leadership and best fitter.

Then I was off to Rhys and Fiona Jones farm. Rhys is the coloured breeds specialist for Semex and both him and Fiona are avid Jersey breeders, operating under the Salfach prefix. Over my four day stay, we both enjoyed non-stop conversation about past, present and future Jersey matings. Along with enjoying their own "show herd", Rhys and Fiona took me to some of the best herds in Wales. This area was very type focused and I was impressed by the large framed, quality uddered cows, many sired by Canadian ... Read More...

Behnke Hired As Sire Analyst

Semex is pleased to announce that Brian Behnke has been hired as Sire Analyst for Midwest USA effective October 6, 2008.

Born and raised on a registered Holstein farm, Brian graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science. Brian has over 20 years of dairy cattle industry experience including an in-depth knowledge of dairy cattle genetics, sales and farm management. His vast industry experiences include dairy cattle sire procurement for Landmark Genetics, as well serving as herdsman at the 1200 head Roylane Registered Holstein herd in Warden, Washington as well as the 2400 head Wilcox Farms Inc at Roy, Washington. Brian joined Semex USA in April 2003 and most recently was a Regional Manager responsible for the sales, marketing, growth and profitability of Semex USA's Central Region, including over 20 representatives in 12 states.

An accomplished cow-man, Brian has also had the opportunity to judge numerous dairy cattle shows both domestically and abroad, including the 2005 Grand International Red & White Show, Western Spring National and Wisconsin State Fair. Most recently he placed Canada's largest 4-H dairy cattle show, the Scotia Bank Classic at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Semex Announces 2008 Photo Contest Winners

The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce the winners of its third annual photo contest.

Over 250 photographs from 13 different countries were vying for top honours in the three categories: People and their Semex Cows, Landscapes with Semex Cows and People's Choice.

Winners in each category were awarded $500, with second prize winning $250 and third prize in each category taking home $100. Winners in the People's Choice category received Semex watches.

The winners in each category are:

People with their Semex Cows
1 "Milking Day is Done" - Terri-Lyn Love, Ontario, Canada
2 "Buckeye & the Boys" - Hiroshi Fujita, Tokyo, Japan
3 "Silhouette" - Jenny Fenton, Ohio, USA
4 "Morning Chores" - Carl Saucier, Québec, Canada
5 "Jerseys on the Grass" - Nelson Eduardo Ziehlsdorff, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Landscapes with Semex Cows
1 "Early Morning Breakfast" - Fred Aafjes, Tonder, Denmark
2 "At the County Fair" - Lisa Russell, Kentucky, USA
3 "Heading Home" - Kevin R. Klages, Ontario, Canada
3 "Break Time" - Philippe Boivin, Québec, Canada
5 "Our Jerseys" - Lindsay Fischer, Pennsylvania, USA
5 "Sunday Morning" - Jen Christie, Ontario, Canada

People's Choice
1 "Learning to Show" - Deanna Laity, British Columbia, Canada
2 "Gavin Gets the Cows" - Conny Quail, Ontario, Canada
3 "Best Buds" - Terri-Lynn Waterston, New Brunswick, Canada
4 "Jasper's Hope" - Joanne Gunning & Whitney Cole, CT, USA
5 "Keeping Watch" - Lisa Russell, Kentucky, USA

Click here to view the photos.

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Semex Brings North America's Best Shows To Your Door

Semex has once again teamed up with the Holstein World to bring the North American fall show results right to your door through our online show coverage! Just tune in for the following shows at and click, "2008 Fall Shows" or click here!

* September 12 - Northeast Fall Showcase
* September 17 to 18 - All-American Dairy Show
* September 30 to October 1 - Central National Jersey Show
* October 2 to 3 - Grand International Red & White Show
* October 3 to 4 - International Holstein Show
* November 7 to 8 - Exposition International Holstein Québec (QC)
* November 7 to 16 - Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Semex - bringing the world's greatest shows to your door!

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Semex Invites Dairymen To Run With The Bulls In Spain!

At the 2008 World Dairy Expo, Semex invites you to “Run With the Bulls” and enter in a draw for a trip to Spain to see for yourself how Semex Works Everywhere.

Register to win this once in a lifetime, all-expenses paid trip for two to Spain to see how Semex Works in Spain, traveling through the Spanish countryside seeing the Spanish dairy industry while taking in amazing scenery and of course, the opportunity to run with the bulls!

“Spain is an amazing country with a vibrant dairy industry,” says Joan Lau, Semex Alliance Vice President Marketing. “Spain’s dairymen are interested in the same things as their North American counterparts… long-lasting, profitable cows. Semex Spain is looking forward to sharing their culture, their beautiful scenery and their dairy industry with the world. To see the ‘Running of The Bulls’ would be the icing on the cake.”

Entry into the contest is easy, just visit the Semex Walk of Fame tent or Semex booth EH 2705-2709 in the Exhibit Hall at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin held September 30 – October 4, to get your free e-shot photo taken and be automatically entered to win. Winner will be announced October 27, 2008.

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Semex Sires' Conception Rates Prove Semex Works Everywhere!

With the release of the new Sire Conception Rates (SCR) by USDA, replacing Estimated Relative Conception Rates (ERCR), Repromax and Semex sires rank well above breed and industry averages for conception rates, proving Semex Works Everywhere!

The SCR evaluation is proven to be better than ERCR as it is a more accurate measure of a bull's ability to actually get a cow in calf, than just non-return rates. Repromax, Semex's lineup of high fertility sires, benefits from this new system, as the SCR evaluation is now included in developing the world's only international fertility information.

"The new Sire Conception Rates are certainly a better model (than ERCR)," says Nicolas Caron, Semex Alliance Geneticst. "Semex sires rank well above average for SCR, adding to the confidence breeders can have in using our Repromax lineup."

Semex sires scored extremely well in the new ranking, which places fertility on a scale with being average. This means that a sire ranking +1 or -1 will offer conception rates of either 1% higher or lower than the average bull.

60% of Semex sires scored above average for SCR, with high-ranking TPI sires such as 0200HO01584 Diamond-Oak Frosty, 0200HO07317 Magor Allen Bolivia and 0200HO04740 Bofran Lucky Star among them. All Repromax sires offer a tremendous package of an average SCR rankings and minimum genetic requirements, making Semex's Repromax sires valuable for getting cows in calf with exceptional results.

One Semex high fertility sire blew away the competition. 0200HO07030 Ladino Park Talent *RC, a highly regarded Repromax sire, leads all ... Read More...

Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs.

Seven Semex sires have been recognized in August 2008 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%.








Five Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in August 2008. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%.






Two Semex sires have been recognized as Class Extra, which requires elite standards for both production and conformation.